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UNIMAS FCSIT Ideathon 2023
Friday 23 June 2023
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UNIMAS FCSIT Ideathon 2023: A Successful Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT) proudly concluded its highly anticipated Ideathon 2023, which took place from 13/05/2023 to 15/06/2026 at the faculty. The event brought together students, professionals, and industry experts in a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and collaboration with LEquation being the main sponsor for this event.

The FCSIT Ideathon 2023 was a platform for aspiring individuals in UNIMAS to showcase their problem-solving skills and develop innovative solutions in the field of computer science and information technology. Over the course of one month, participants engaged in intense brainstorming sessions, ideation workshops, and mentorship programs.

The event commenced on 29/05/2023 with an inspiring opening ceremony, featuring esteemed speakers from academia and industry. The keynote address was delivered by Mr Raymond, LEquation representative, who emphasized the importance of innovation and its impact on society.

During the Ideathon, participants were presented with a set of challenges related to UNIMAS Teaching School. They could choose one problem statement to work on throughout the event where the goal was to develop innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies to address these challenges. The problem statements mainly focused on topics like telemedicine, wearable technology, AI, and data analytics to improve healthcare access, mental health, and health education.

Throughout the event, participants received guidance and mentorship from accomplished professionals and faculty members, who generously shared their expertise and insights. These mentors provided valuable advice and support to the teams, assisting them in refining their ideas and transforming them into viable solutions.

The highlight of the Ideathon was the project development phase, where teams worked tirelessly to develop their innovative solutions. The participants showcased remarkable dedication and perseverance as they harnessed their technical skills to create prototypes.

On the final day of the Ideathon, all the teams presented their projects to a panel of expert judges. The presentations were accompanied by live demonstrations and detailed explanations of the proposed solutions. The judges evaluated the projects based on criteria such as innovation, technical feasibility, market potential, quality of prototype, and etcetera.

After careful consideration, the judges announced the winners of FCSIT Ideathon 2023. The first-place team, Creative Bogglers, was awarded RM2000, while the first runner up, Pussinmill, and the second runner up, Panacea, were recognized for their exceptional performance with RM1500 and RM500, respectively. In addition to the top three teams, several other teams received special mentions for their innovative approaches and notable contributions.

The FCSIT Ideathon 2023 proved to be a tremendous success, fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration among the participants. The event provided a platform for budding talents to showcase their potential and connect with industry professionals, paving the way for future opportunities in the field of computer science and information technology.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, mentors, judges, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to the success of the Ideathon. Their unwavering support and enthusiasm played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding achievement.