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Global Leadership Forum Asia Pacific
Saturday 06 November 2021, 08:00am - 05:00pm
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On 28th October 2021, Common Purpose Team has organized a Global Leadership Forum Asia-Pacific to all the students from a diverse group of hundreds of young leaders from universities across the Asia-Pacific region. I am as a Chairperson of Fin-Ace Society, representing my university (UNIMAS)  to participate in the programme. Through the Global Leadership Forum there was a lot of opportunity to hear from industry leaders from various industries, nations, and organizations about how they have addressed the difficult challenges we face in the 21-st Century, as well as examine the themes that are most important to me.

The most interesting part throughout the programme is, we are able to choose from a variety of speakers including Schneider Electric, the United Nations, American Express, HSBC, Microsoft and many others.

The programme was conducted via Zoom for 4 sessions including the keynotes, masterclasses, and lastly was optional networking where I was able to communicate and interact with my peers and think about everything I'very heard and learned throughout the programme.

For the opening keynotes was delivered by Harry Garside who is an Australian Boxer. At the 2020 Summer Olympics, he competed in the men's lightweight event and earned the bronze medal. This was the first time an Australian had won an Olympic boxing medal in over three decades. He did reveal his experience as he just wants to break the gender stereotypes in the traditionally hyper-masculine sport when he removed his gloves to reveal his painted nails. Garside has made a habit of doing things differently. He incorporated ballet into his boxing training and his dancing feet can be seen on full display in the ring. With ballet abs painted nails, Garside wants to be his own man and not worry about societal expectations. Garside also volunteers as a mentor with Reach Foundation to empower others. To me, Harry Garside just did the 'impossible ' and taking the next step and a bigger dream.

The next session was Leadership Masterclasses where we can choose the 2 leaders that from different sectors to interact and discuss with them about the current issues. The first session was presented by Janet Salem, an Economic Affairs Officer, Innovation for Circular Economy, United Nations. Janet Salem has over 13 years of experience working in circular economy and sustainability at the United Nations. The topic that she chooses to share with us was about circular economies such as the way forward for effective recovery. Janet Salem is an UN advisor on Circular Economies who is passionate about putting technology to good use such as technologies like Blockchain,AI, and Robots at their disposal, it's more important than ever to put sustainable ecosystems first on the initiative. Through this session was giving me the opportunity to learn more about what global development leaders are thinking and doing to achieve this pathway of sustainability. This is because based on my observations, leaders all over the world are interested in these digital economies can achieve as the digital shift intensifies after 2020.

Next is Leadership Insight was delivered by Mr Alan Smith a Senior Advisor of climate ESG, HSBC, UK. The topic that he shared was Hope, Resilience, and Agency where a leader's guide to climate change risk. Through his insight and perspective, climate change has become our generation's most pressing worry. The world's leaders have agreed that action must be taken right now. Climate risks must be factored into every decision made by economies around the world, no matter how large or little. A new way of thinking, a new attitude, is required as we are the region's future, and we have the power to make difference. If we want to be a leader, we must understand how to create optimism, resilience and agency.

Lastly was the closing notes whereby it was presented by Mrs Lin Thai, a CEO of TVL Group or known as The Shark Tank Lady from Vietnam.She has over 22 years of experience in finance, marketing and operations. During her session, Linh shared that her believes that the word 'yet' has a lot of force where her passions, dedication and work ethics motivates us to push forward, think outside of the box and work hard harder every day.

By the end of the event, there was a 30 minutes’ session to meet my peers in smaller groups to reflect on what we heard and learned during the Global Leadership Forum. Overall,I am satisfied and left with feeling more motivated and inspired by their journey and gaining a lot of knowledge as this forum are extremely full of information and thoughts.

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