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Program Health Screening “Keluarga Sihat” The Waterfront Hotel & Plaza Merdeka
Tuesday 28 May 2024
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On Saturday, May 18, 2024, 14 members from the UNIMAS Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, including medical students, public health specialist trainees, and lecturers, led the "Keluarga Sihat" health screening program organized by The Waterfront Hotel & Plaza Merdeka. The event, held at Plaza Merdeka Mall, included teams and volunteers from the Kuching Divisional Health Office, Klinik Kesihatan Jalan Masjid, Klinik Kesihatan Tanah Puteh, Kuching Divisional Dental Office, and Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak. The program aims to educate and provide screenings on childhood health issues and adult non-communicable diseases for employees of the establishment and public visitors at Plaza Merdeka Mall and the Waterfront Hotel. The health issues addressed include vision problems, nutrition, childhood behavioral difficulties (Autism/ADHD), missed childhood vaccinations, dental health, emotional regulation and coping skills in adolescents, adult chronic illnesses as part of the National Health Screening Initiative (NHSI), and adult mental health.

The program began at 8:30 a.m. for employees and their family members. Public participation commenced at 10 a.m. after the mall opened. Various stations for screenings, health promotions, and consultations were set up. Dental services were provided through a mobile dental clinic using a specially equipped bus. Health programs for the participants included vision screening, non-communicable disease screening, nutrition consultation, development and growth assessment and consultation, mental health screening, safe touch education, and dental consultation. Health promotional activities included raising awareness about common public health issues such as smoking and vape use, infectious diseases, mental health, nutrition, and dental health.

By the end of the program, a total of 182 employees, their family members, and public visitors had participated in the activities. About 40% of the participants were identified to be at risk of various health issues such as hypertension, anaemia, depression and anxiety disorders. Twelve participants were referred directly to their nearest health clinics for urgent treatment. Program ended at 12 noon with a closing ceremony and certificate presentation by Datin Anriza Cordero, the Director of the Waterfront Hotel and the Plaza Merdeka.

This program was successfully conducted through collaboration and engagement with various agencies around Kuching, including non-health groups such as AZAM Sarawak which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, the Waterfront Hotel, and

Plaza Merdeka. Students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences learned the significance of collaboration skills beyond clinical expertise in their journey towards becoming doctors and specialists. They recognized that effective teamwork and achieving common goals rely not only on individual clinical skills but also on the ability to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds. This community-driven initiative aligns with UNIMAS's mission and values to enhance social impact on the community through strategic engagement and forging impactful partnerships with local stakeholders.Slide2