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Notice for Cognitive Science Students registering for FYP 1/PTA1 in Semester 1, 2021/22
From Friday 23 April 2021 -  08:00am
To Monday 26 April 2021 - 05:00pm
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Notice for Cognitive Science Students registering for FYP 1/PTA1 in Semester 1, 2021/22 (Second Year SK Students)

Dear FYP 1 Students (new registration in Semester 1, 2021/22),

We need your information so that we can match you to a supervisor.

1) Fill in the Google Form

Please fill in the necessary information latest by 26th April 2021 (Monday) so that we can match you to your supervisor

Please also note that in the coming semester, you will still have to register in the e-Pelajar. The Google Form is only meant for us to assign you to your supervisor before you leave for your semester break.


Note: The  CHOICE areas as appear in the form is on a “first come first serve basis”. Once the quota is filled-up you would need to choose another research area.

2) If you have spoken to a lecturer who maybe your potential supervisor, you could indicate that in the registration form, but that does NOT guarantee that you would be assigned the supervisor of choice. But we would STRONGLY consider your suggestions. Pls indicate the day and time when the meeting take place and if possible SUGGESTED topics

3)If you have NOT met and discuss with any of the SVs, you could also express interest to work with a particular instructor. As there are many considerations to be taken into account when assigning you with a SV, the FYP coordinator would give due consideration to your suggestion but as stated above in [2] no guarantee given.

4)Pls do NOT fill in the form more than once as we would not know who to assign you.

5)Pls think carefully before submitting. Only submit ONE time. The system does not support making changes. Pls do NOT make request to edit the form after form submitted

6)We would try to publish the assigned Supervisor-Supervisee list ASAP. You could try to initiate contact with your supervisor then to start work early

7)If you are not sure about the field and expertise of your potential supervisor you could take a look at the UNIMAS Expert or Google Scholar or you could communicate with the respective instructor

All Best

Coordinator PTA